Why us ?

"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta

TravelTaiyari is not about completing the trip in a stipulated time, but it emotionally connects you with place and every event/location you visit. We understand your feel and bring your home to this short trip with TravelTaiyari. Our best guides not only help you with extensive knowledge of a place but an enlightenment to the city. So why think about anything else? We are just a call away!


12,000 INR

per person

Triveni Darshan

  • 2 nights three days
  • Transfers
  • Detailed Tour Guide
  • Add On Packages on Request
17,500 INR

per person

Prayag Bhramad

  • 2 nights three days
  • Transfers
  • Detailed Tour Guide
  • Education and Historical Tour
15,000 INR

per person

Prayag Teerth-Yatra

  • 1 nights two days
  • Transfers
  • Temple Visits
  • Tour Guide
  • Sangam Snaan

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